Mick Fowler

Mick Fowler – Pic by John Egremont

Mick is the Lead Vocalist and principal songwriter of the band.

He also plays guitar, providing the characteristic twin-guitar attack with Shaun.

Mick started playing guitar and singing at the age of 13, with school friends. He is self-taught, although now wishes he had been shown the rudiments of music theory while he was young. It didn’t stop him writing songs, though. From folk through to rock, he has written and performed a lot of material.

The failure of Overkill to succeed in their first attempt to break into the music industry was a bitter disappointment to Mick. In those days, if you did not get signed to a label, you could not make an album. It was that fact that hurt most of all. The music industry of the day could not pigeonhole Overkill’s music easily and that seemed to make it difficult for them to sign the band.

Now things are different! Mick has grasped the new internet medium with both hands and is steering the new attempt to get Dream Overkill’s music out into the world.

The album of old Overkill songs is just the beginning. There are more songs from Mick’s fertile imagination that Dream Overkill will bring kicking and screaming to the stage!