Band Biography

Overkill was formed in 1979 in Hampshire

Original Line-up:

Mick Fowler        –    Lead Vocals and guitar
Shaun Kebby        –    Lead guitar
Randle Williams     –     Drums
Paul Nicholson         –     Bass

Paul Nicholson left in 1981
Marcus Nason joined on Bass, making line-up 2

Overkill played at the Reading Rock Festival in 1982

Huge stage! Marshall stacks! Tiny blokes!

Randle Williams left in 1983, and the band then decided to call it a day.

Line-up 2 reformed for Live Aid in 1985 – raised £1500 headlining a gig in
Whitchurch town hall, Hampshire with several other bands. Everyone then went their separate ways again.
Randle moved away from the area, but Mick still kept in occasional contact with
Marcus and Shaun.

2009 – Shaun, Mick and Marcus met up. They chatted about how the industry had
changed, internet etc. and decided to try and reform the band. Marcus moved
onto Drums, and Bass duties were taken up first by Brian Jones, another old
mate from the local music scene, who helped them get everything going in
rehearsals. Then in 2010, Simon Machon came in on Bass, making the fourth line-up!

Big stage and tiny blokes again! (Rockus Festival 2011)


Extra notes from Mick:

Overkill formed to get out and gig our own material and try to make it as pro musicians

MUSIC – We were considered part of the NWOBHM scene that was happening then.
We always thought of ourselves as Rock band with a wider ambition than that.

HOW WE MET – We were all in various local bands in Hampshire and Wiltshire,  basically Andover and Whitchurch.

IN CHARGE – I tended to be the natural focal point and band leader – typical egotistical lead vocalist/frontman! The others were ok with that.

INFLUENCES – Hendrix, Beatles, Sabbath, Deep Purple, Wishbone Ash, Thin Lizzy, Yes, Uriah Heep to name a few

BEST GIG – Has to be Reading Festival 1982 – amazing!

Worst GIG – We literally played to one man and his dog at a pub in Guildford.  Actually it was fun – we gave him his money back and played the gig anyway.
He stayed and enjoyed it! I suppose the worst gig musically was when we played the Horseshoe in London on Shaun’s birthday. He had loads of drinks bought for him and he got too drunk to play well. He never did that again!

RADIO – BFBS interview ‘How Does It Feel’ and ‘Out Of My Head’ were played.  Our reputation as a good live act with a pyrotechnic show seemed to interest them a lot!

RECORD DEAL – Never got one, although an outfit called Heavy Metal Records was interested in us for a while. ‘Out Of My Head’ was put on a compilation album of new rock bands called ‘Heavy Metal Heroes Vol.II

We reformed in 2009 to give it another go. We started rehearsing and recording in our own little studio. Our plan was to work on the old songs, buff them up and get them finally recorded they way we would have done if we had got that elusive record deal way back when.

It was hilarious fun, trying to play the way we had as young men. Then, we began to gel as musicians and start to believe that maybe, just maybe we could stand up and push our music out live again!

OVERKILL —–> Dream Overkill
Overkill are a huge US Thrash Metal band ( formed in 1984 ) – many albums and plenty of fans – we had the name first, but they are well established and more successful than us.

Rehearsed in many places, from Army Barracks, village halls and scout huts to Marcus’s Mum’s house.

Did loads of gigs:
Marquee – Met Lemmy – Good advice “When there are cameras about, keep your belly  in!”

Supported Samson when Bruce Dickinson (a really nice bloke) used to sing for them

Horseshoe – Next to Dominion Theatre Tottenham Court Road – Police raid on Big Red (our truck was parked by a nightclub that had been robbed a few weeks before and they called the cops!)

Reading Festival 1982 – Great experience, massive crowd. Got the gig on the strength of our live performances. Went down well. Did not get canned off!

We do have a link with the I.O.W. Played there a couple of times in 1980-81. In December we headlined a ‘Charity Rock Special’ on the I.O.W. Shanklin Pier. We managed to blow the fuses there with our lighting rig! It was a great gig with loads of fans who turned up to see the four bands on show. We slept on the floor there afterwards in sleeping bags – it was scary, cold, noisy creaks and groans. I believe the pier collapsed not long afterwards!


Marcus – Runs own company doing tech support for TV companies
Shaun – Lorry driver
Mach – Works in electronics company
Mick – Guitar teacher, plays in a covers duo
All have kept up their playing in various bands since Overkill


I tried out for vocals job for Black Sabbath when R.J.Dio left (1984?)
Went to Birmingham, sang ‘Heaven and Hell’ and ‘Neon Nights’ didn’t do myself justice as I was so nervous. (I was such a fan!) Made it to last 16 though.


We are older, wiser (not), wider in the belly and thinner in the hair but we still ROCK!

I am the elder statesman of the band, at 54 and Mach is the boy at a mere 45. We are in a hurry, cos our potential career is probably quite short!

Own single ‘Elemental’ and ‘On My Own’ recorded on 8-track in 1979. We got 1000 copies pressed and sold them all at gigs. Found mp3s of the songs on the internet and downloaded them. The site was in Brazil!