Time waits for no band


Welcome to the home page of the British Rock band –  Dream Overkill

The band is a reincarnation of Overkill, the UK band (1979 to 1983) who built a solid reputation and a dedicated army of fans by gigging hard all over the country.

We are back for Round 2 in our fight for recognition as a unique British Rock band.

Our music has its roots in the classic rock acts of the 60s and 70s. Add in some punk attitude, Heavy Rock power and the ability to craft memorable tunes and you will get close to what Dream Overkill are about. Lyrically, the songs cover many subjects and explore different aspects of life. You can try to figure the different meanings of the songs or just rock out to the music!

We aim to pump out these songs for you all to enjoy and to continue our musical exploration for as long as we can.

There are a couple of tracks for you to check out in the music player on the right. We will add more as we get them done. We hope you will like them!

The two songs there now are:

Battle Song – the story of a man in a hand-to-hand battle who draws inspiration and resolve to survive from the one he believes in. Think sword and shield, arrows, terror and battle rage. This version has had a few changes that generally improve the sound.

Elemental – a song about something nasty that comes to play with you when you hold a seance. Think of a darkened room and a group of people around a table, their fingertips on an upturned glass – that suddenly moves! This version has improved Intro (spookier feedback!) and Twin-Lead parts.

Basically, we see these two tracks as completed, and only a major change such as re-recording the lead vocal (which may happen as Mick gets over his vocal cords problem!) or if we send the tracks for Pro Mastering, will there be any further changes. We have cut our recording, mixing and mastering teeth on these songs and hope to be able to release lots more in the near future now we have better knowledge of the processes involved.

Thanks to you all for staying with us and listening in.